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Achievement at Burnt Ash Primary School


Burnt Ash Primary School is a community school, which prides itself on its inclusive ethos. The children who attend the school come from a wide variety of families and cultures, which we believe makes us a vibrant and interesting place to learn.


The past year has been very successful for Burnt Ash Primary, pupil standards have risen and children are achieving at higher levels, giving us our best ever set of school results. This is due to the hard work of the children, fantastic parental support and teachers’ dedication.


Every child who enters the school is supported and challenged to ensure that they achieve their full potential, both academically and socially. Children leave the school with good levels in English, Maths and Science and confident to tackle the challenges of their secondary education.


Due to our strong reputation for supporting children with additional needs we attract many children with specific learning needs who flourish at Burnt Ash. Despite many of our children coming into school from a lower than average starting point they go on to make excellent progress throughout the school. Our English results for last year show that 96% of all children attained the expected progress for Year 6 pupils, with 32% making better than expected progress. In maths the picture is just as positive, with 94% of children making expected progress and 38% making accelerated progress.


Some of our children are bilingual and possibly learning English for the first time. We have a full time teacher at the school, whose role is to support these children ensuring that they can access all areas of the curriculum. Last year the children in Year 2 for whom English is not their first language (EAL) achieved higher than similar children nationally in reading, writing and maths. Our EAL teacher also holds weekly homework sessions for parents and children to attend together, improving the English skills of the family.

The school has a Special Opportunity Provision for children with severe and complex needs. The children in these classes receive more focussed teaching in smaller classes. They also get the opportunity to integrate across the school, developing their social skills and helping everyone in the school develop an understanding of each other.

The school has a Pastoral Team who work with the children to develop social and learning skills. This helps our children take responsibility for their learning and gives them the tools they need for dealing with challenging experiences.